Cradletech Ltd

Company Profile

Cradletech Ltd and PJP Services Ltd were independently established in the late 1980’s each pursuing different paths within the Access System Industry. Cradletech concentrated on the installation of new access systems, while PJP Services focused on the maintenance, testing and refurbishment of access systems. In 2007 these two highly experienced and successful companies merged. In coming together as one company we are now able to offer the market place the strongest possible skills and portfolios.

“Quality performance spells safety, and safety will always be our primary concern”

Cradletech is the result of the companies coming together with the future assured and backed by not only joint financial resources, but also the invaluable skill-sets of each company.

Professional recognition in this specialist market place is underlined by our company’s full membership of The Specialist Access Engineering and Maintenance Association (SAEMA).Managing Director, Christopher Coole, has been privileged to hold the office of Chairman twice 1988-1992 and 2015-2019 and is now the current chairman of The Technical Committee.

Our experience is; unparalleled. Collectively our Management boasts in excess of 120 years service in the industry, which, is a record widely respected by all those connected with it.In short we are a strong team and strive hard to protect our company maxim